3 Examples That You Can Use and Make Your Own


Example 1

Achieve the Dream of Quitting Your Job

If a former construction worker went from picking up scraps at a construction site, making £30,000 a year to making a £30,000 a month, then the dream of owning your own business is still alive for you.

Sometimes when that alarm clock buzzes on Monday morning, you want to bang your head against the headboard instead of your hand against the button.  We’ve all been there.  According to national studies, nearly 60% of workers have been there.  It seems everybody hates their jobs. 

Maybe, it’s not the job that you hate at all.  Maybe it’s the pay, or the noose your bosses put around your neck.  Maybe, it’s just your boss.  Whatever your reasons for hating what you do for a living it’s mostly because you know that you have more potential and you haven’t realized your dream of being your own boss.

Most of this disappointment with having to get up on Monday mornings to start that work week again, comes from the shame and embarrassment you fill when you have to realize again that you haven’t achieved any of those dreams you had for yourself back in high school. 

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Example 2

Choosing the Right Business for You

Everybody wants to be their own boss.  But what do you do?  What industry is the best industry for building a successful business?  The general consensus of experts believes you should discover what you love to do and find ways to make money from doing what you love.  What if you don’t know what you love to do or there are many things that you love to do?

Many new business owners jump on the next bandwagon of great business ideas.  The business experts all say that most small business owners fail in the first couple of years due to poor planning.  However, there has to be some consideration for people lacking the motivation to make the business work because it wasn’t something they loved to be involved in from the beginning.

Longevity is important for any business.  Are you investigating a new field that may be replaced by something else in the next three years?  That’s not longevity.  That’s following the latest trend.  Perhaps there is still a business opportunity at the core of the business.  Do you remember the beanie baby craze a decade ago?  How many entrepreneurs jumped on that bandwagon?  Even McDonald’s was giving away beanie babies in their happy meals.  That craze died down in no time.  Smart entrepreneurs would have seen the potential in the core business – children’s collectible – versus the just making money from the brand beanie baby.

A new system uses sports arbitrage techniques (betting on all possible outcomes of an event) combined with free bets and cash bonuses to make a secure risk free betting system.

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This system is tailored for a complete newbie, to the savvy punter, all the way up to trading professionals. When you purchase this system, you will get all the information you need (and more) to learn how to open accounts, understand odds, place bets, win every time and take out your winnings.

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Example 3

Affiliate Marketing: The Best Home Business Opportunity Ever

With the economies of the world floating around in the toilet and ready to be flushed, there is no time like the present to start your own business.  Sick of wondering if your corporate position will still be relevant tomorrow?  Tired of worrying about what you’re going to do about your retirement?  Want to take matters in your own hands and start your own business?  You have been dreaming all these years about starting your own business.  Now is the time.

The only thing better than working in your pajamas from home is tapping into an industry that never quits paying off.  People always want information and have always been willing to pay for high-quality information.  That’s why the internet exploded the way it did.  People had access to information that they always wanted to know about.  Some of the information they wanted to access, they didn’t want others to know they were learning.  Either way, people probably consumer nearly as much information as they do food.  There is no reason why you can’t cash in on this time-tested industry.

Generate substantial revenue online through the promotion of affiliate programs.  Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Becoming an affiliate simply means that you are given a unique link that you can use to direct people to our website and get paid for it. You become your own boss. You do not need a website for this, you can promote on and offline, through emails or mobile phone texts or on chat forums to blogging, to posters to links from your website (if you have one)! Plus many, many other ways that are revealed in our 10-lesson advertising course that you get for free when becoming an affiliate.

All you have to do is refer them and find confidence in the fact that you are selling the genuine opportunity for people to make free money and £1,000's of it... it's very easy to sell.

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